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WHAT IS Search Engine Optimisation2 – SEO2Search Engine Optimisation

Why, When, What for… a little story about SEO

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What are you looking for and more importantly what do you need?

Search Engine Optimization, AmonSEO is an agency that can help you get the results you want! With all of the resources available today for Search Engine Optimization, it can be hard to stay on track and also it can be very difficult to stay up to date with all the news and the necessary course of action, to get those results on the long run.

AmonSEO is a boutique search marketing agency that is able to understand the solutions for your business, keeping track of your progress and improving your digital marketing performance.

Do you speak SEO?
Data Literacy

What is SEO? Why do I need SEO services?

Because you are making an investment, right here, right now, in your business. The future is digital, the marketing, communication and shopping process is online, is mobile, is on the run.

Be there when you clients are searching for you! Be a voice for your industry and begin to attract clients that know what they want and have the resources to get it! From you!

So… SEO is a tool that can help you be present in the first searches in Google or in other search engines, when clients seek specific keywords specific for your business.

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Search Engine Optimization
Why you need SEO

Who needs Search Engine Optimization? Who can benefit from SEO?

e-Commerce Business

eCommerce and lead generation type businesses B2B, B2C companies


Business owners with newly created websites, as well as those with older websites that could use updating
new businesses looking for an eCommerce approach (we can also develop websites)


Reasons to look for good SEO Agency Services. You have a new website and don’t know how to be found online


You have a new website and don’t know how to appropriately target the right audiences


You’re a fully functional business but have recently noticed a decline in quality leads, calls, and service requests


You’re a fully functional business and you need to reach new clients

e-Commerce Business

You’re a fully functional business and need to introduce to clients new types of services or a new location


Traffic to your website has been steadily decreasing or has decreased at a quick, rapid pace with no reason as to why or how

— We build solutions for your online presence

Build your online presence with a trusted SEO company.

We are a SEO service agency that can help you reach your desired rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for certain keywords, even if the competition seems unbeatable.

SEO agency services that you can get here, at the right prices, the best investment for your business on the long run


A technical SEO audit is a process during which you check the technical aspects of your website’s SEO. It basically checks the health of a website and finds out what fixes might be needed to improve it. Search engine bots crawl the web to find pages and websites

Keyword research is the process by which you research popular search terms people type into search engines like Google, and include them strategically in your content so that your content appears higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

Competitive research involves identifying your competitors, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services.

An SEO content writer understands search engine optimization and knows how to write content that’s informative, compelling, and relevant. However, they aren’t always effective when it comes to writing content intended to drive conversions.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving search engine visibility for local businesses, primarily those with brick-and-mortar locations. By following local SEO best practices, businesses can improve organic traffic from searches performed by customers in nearby areas.

On-page SEO services are search engine optimization services that optimize your website to improve its visibility in search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Typically, on-site SEO services will focus on keyword research, content creation, header tag optimization, and more.

Briefly, link building is the process of establishing relevant hyperlinks (usually called links) to a website from external sites. Link building can increase the number of high-quality links pointing to a website, in turn increasing the likelihood of the website ranking highly in search engine results.

Off-page SEO involves all actions you take to impact your search engine ranking that fall outside of your website. This can include building backlinks, being active on social media, and guest blogging. Search engines weigh many factors when determining a page’s ranking.

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