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e-Commerce business development – vending machines supplier in Bucharest, Romania

Dair Comexim 2000 SRL is one of the biggest Romanian importer of vending machines. They represent top brands from Italy, in particular, but also from around the world.

We worked closely with them for more than 15 years and we really feel like they are part of the family and we are part of their success.

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Catalog website with more than 200 products.

The request was simple, DAIR needed a website adapted to the new digital era, fast and reliable and easy to administrate. We proposed a solution starting from Magento 2, with a few custom developments.

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We developed a website dedicated to their b2b sales departament, independent from other websites, serving specially marketing purposes.

We did the entire branding for our client, brand book, identity and the general communication strategy, along with the entire SEO Strategy.

Starting from scratch, at 0.6% visibility we were able to reach 4.5% visibility in no time. Acting on a market with lots of players, this is a huge increase of their online presence.

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