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Corporate website / ERP Integration – Website development, CMS and ERP Integration

The company is responsabile of the entire county Buzau, in regards with water management.

Corporate website development

Water Company from Buzau, Romania needed a website (2003) for their online presence, to comunicate better with the clients and allow them to pay online the water services in their area.

We managed to implement a corporate website fully integrated with their custom made ERP.

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Building a website from the scratch it was a real challenge for a company with history like CABUZAU, but we managed to understand them and, after more than 9 years they are still using the same website, successfully, we might add.

We developed their clients account area and integrated with online payment, and real time consumption report.

When managing a lot of clients, you really need an ERP and CRM behind the website, we fully integrated the website with their ERP. This allowed them to bring their services in the present by improving their interaction with the clients by 500%.

Corporate website

Brief, discuss, propose, execute and the result was beautiful for that period.

ERP Integration - Custom development

We offered them solutions for better manage the website and the clients.

Digital Design

UX interface design, concept and implementation, everything for the client.


We offered our client all the services needed to maintain an accurate online presence.

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